Sustainability Community Champions

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Signup Deadline: 01-04-2023
Starts: 21-04-2023
Ends: 29-03-2024


Sustainability Community Champions

Number of new member volunteers



Minimum 12 months


50-60 hours


CFA UK are launching a new Sustainability Community and are looking to recruit a team of Community Champions to be the hearts and faces of the community. We are looking for enthusiastic, driven and connected professionals with passion and experience in sustainable investing. You will help shape a programme of events and content both in-person and virtually that engages your peers across the investment sector. You will get plenty of support from the staffed office and their expertise on operations, event delivery and managing virtual environments so that you can focus on ideas, connections and creating a buzz. Our goal is to support and grow a vibrant community with founders like yourself who can foster an engaging, exciting and forward-thinking space. This community will provide an accessible platform to inspire and connect the investment community to build a sustainable future.

Purpose of the Sustainability Community Champions  

The Sustainability Community Champions will be the hosts of this new CFA UK community whether in-person at small and large events, or virtually bringing people into the conversation. You will also work closely with the CFA UK staffed office team to identify sub topic ideas, great formats, external content, and contacts we can work with.

What will you get out of it?

  • Build your profile within the CFA UK network of volunteers, the wider membership, and the industry 
  • Develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills 
  • Recognition for your contribution in delivering a valuable experience for community members 
  • Opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded investment professionals 
  • Volunteering brings a “shared experience” that has long-lasting benefits for your career. 

Main activities:

  • Championing and hosting the new Sustainability Community in-person and virtually
  • Working with the staffed office to build a future plan of activity designed to engage members and others working in the sector
  • Attending meetings with your fellow Sustainability Community Champions to move forwards with plans and network with each other to create a buzz that will bring in others
  • Contributing to content – this could be from doing a 3 minute interview through to linking to an external article and giving your opinion to stimulate a discussion
  • Providing relevant event and content ideas and speaker recommendations 
  • Attending in-person events in various capacities, e.g. as a networking host, potentially as a panel speaker etc.
  • Helping to promote the community to drive growth and engagement – for example by sharing posts on LinkedIn that point people to the community
  • Evaluation and strategic review of the community activity - review and share successes and barriers, and provide suggestions for improving the community. 

Who are CFA UK looking for?

  • To be a Sustainability Community Champion you must be a member of CFA UK
  • You need to have a good working knowledge of sustainable investing and a passion for discussion and knowledge in this area
  • You need to be enthusiastic and connected with a willingness to network and engage with your peers 
  • You need to be available for monthly meetings and to work outside of meetings whether online or in-person
  • Ability to work with a group to shape ideas 
  • Members with enthusiasm and interest in building community and sharing subject matter expertise.

Compliance Notes:

  • Members will participate in a personal capacity and not as representatives of their employer.

Volunteers Needed:

10 (8 open slots)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience


Nadilsa Tavares

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