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Black Professionals working group

Signup Deadline: 28-08-2020
Starts: 14-09-2020
Ends: 20-09-2021


No of member volunteers

Volunteer lead plus up to 4 members




12 months minimum

Reports to:

Inclusion and Diversity Committee

Black people make up 3% of the total UK population and more than 13% of the population of London[1]. However, less than 1% of UK investment managers identify as Black, African or Caribbean, despite the UK investment management industry being heavily concentrated in London.

To address this marked under-representation and to improve the experience of Black professionals within the investment industry, individuals of all ethnicities need to engage with the goal of increasing awareness, normalising conversations around ethnicity and its impacts, and developing concrete strategies to affect change.

 In this vein, the CFA UK I&D Committee plans to produce a range of content over both the short and longer term to support members and firms in increasing Black professional representation across the investment industry, including the formation of a new Black Professionals working group to help achieve these goals


Responsibilities of group

  1. Tackling the issue of representation, recruitment and retention of Black professionals in the investment industry on a long-term basis through delivery of key content
  2. Raising awareness to CFA UK and I&D Network members and the wider industry on the challenges faced by Black professionals in the investment industry and encouraging the conversation
  3. Making strong connections with organisations already addressing the issues - both from an outreach perspective and those that have increased the representation of Black professionals in their organisations - and linking them to the Network (e.g. Diversity Project – Talk About Black)


Key Activities

  • Create a plan for the year ahead outlining key content and events that supports the aims of the group
  • Deliver a programme of agreed content (podcasts, articles, videos, virtual events) across the membership year which raises awareness and builds strong connections between the network and organisations already addressing the issues.


Who are we looking for?

  • Black CFA UK members who can provide insight into the lived experience of working in the investment industry
  • Non-Black CFA UK member allies who wish to take action and support black representation in the sector
  • Volunteers passionate about inclusion and diversity and driving equality and fairness across the sector and ensuring an environment which affords meaningful opportunity for black professionals to develop and advance their careers
  • As well as members for this group, we are looking for someone to provide leadership and coordinate the group

What you will gain:

  • Be a driver of change and a contributor in tackling the issue of the under-representation of black professionals in our industry
  • Gain recognition and raise your profile as a CFA UK member taking action
  • Build your profile within the CFA UK network of volunteers, the wider membership and the industry
  • Volunteering brings a “shared experience” amongst peers that has long lasting benefits for your career
  • Opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded investment professionals

Volunteers Needed:

6 (6 open slots)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience


Marissa Charles