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Climate and Investing Panel members

Signup Deadline: 22-11-2020
Starts: 07-12-2020
Ends: 31-12-2021


No of new member volunteers



70-80 hours per annum

Reports to:

Climate and Investing Panel Chair and CFA UK Qualifications Manager


CFA UK is looking to develop a new qualification in Climate and Investing and is seeking practitioner subject matter experts to support the development and launch of the new qualification, pending approval of the CFA UK Board.

Building on the launch of the Certificate in ESG Investing in 2019, CFA UK recognises the growing importance of equipping today’s investment professional with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand climate as it relates to investing and to integrate climate considerations into the investment decision making process.  

Subject to approval by the CFA UK Board, the Climate and Investing Panel will support the staffed office in setting the strategic framework for CFA UK’s Certificate in Climate and Investing qualification. The Panel will be responsible for all aspects of the provision of the Certificate in Climate and Investing, including the examination, syllabus and the Official Training Manual (OTM).

In between meetings, Panel members will be asked to review the syllabus, learning materials, new questions and new exam forms remotely. The Climate and Investing Panel will report to the Examinations and Education Committee, via the Climate and Investing Panel Chair.


Key objectives in development and launch phase:

 The following objectives have been identified for the Panel for the current membership year 2020/2021:   

  • Review and agree assessment format for new Climate and Investing examination
  • Review new Climate and Investing learning materials
  • Review and agree new questions for inclusion in the Climate and Investing question bank
  • Review and agree Climate and Investing specimen paper
  • Ensure that the questions used in each examination are valid and correct
  • Review suspect and commented questions from each exam session and, where necessary, agree amendments
  • Review results and agree, with guidance from the psychometrician, the pass mark for the pilot exam and ongoing pass mark for live exams
  • Review and ratify proposed changes to the Climate and Investing syllabus to ensure it reflects changes to relevant legislation and practices

Who are we looking for?

The purpose of the new qualification is to enable investment professionals to understand the implications of climate change in an investment organisation and incorporate the relevant tools, techniques and data into investment decision making.

As such we are seeking investment professionals with subject matter expertise in the following areas:


  • climate science, climate change risks and considerations
  • regulation, policy response and corporate reporting as it relates to climate
  • climate change impacts and opportunities
  • climate risk measurement – data, metrics, targets and scenario analysis
  • climate stewardship and engagement
  • climate as it relates to list investment instruments
  • climate as it relates to private investment instruments
  • portfolio management and climate related aspects
  • climate as it relates to serving client needs


Applicants should have: 

  • availability for around 10 meetings in the first year reducing to around 7 in subsequent years
  • Ability to work with a group to shape ideas.


What you will gain: 

  • Insight into qualification development and delivery and you will help define and determine the requirements and set the competency standards for those entering the sector.
  • Build your profile within the CFA UK network of volunteers, the wider membership and the industry
  • The opportunity to meet an interesting and engaged group of fellow practitioners from a range of sectors
  • Opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded investment professionals
  • Volunteering brings a “shared experience” amongst peers that has long lasting benefits for your career

Volunteers Needed:

4 (4 open slots)

Experience Required:

4 - 6 Years Industry Experience


Marissa Charles