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Pub Meets and Social Activities - working group member

Signup Deadline: 09-12-2022
Starts: 03-01-2023
Ends: 01-01-2024


No of new member volunteers


January  2023 to January 2024 


30 hours 

Reports to: 

Networks Steering Committee  

The Pub Meets and Social Activities working group is tasked with creating opportunities, a space after work for CFA UK members to meet in a relaxed environment and network. This can be either through participating in a fun activity (e.g. wine tasting, mini golf) or meeting in a pub with a drink/nibble and talking shop either broadly or around a theme. You can help to bring your peers together to start great conversations in a relaxed environment.  

Purpose and Activities 

CFA UK social events are some of the most popular amongst the membership, allowing them to come together in a friendly and welcoming environment, have fun, make friends and network. 

  • Plan and deliver four successful pub meet events over a 12 month period (each of which could have its own theme) 
  • Plan and deliver three engaging and fun activity-based events over a 12 month period, having identified activities on the basis that they will appeal to a large cross section of the CFA UK membership, ensuring that the events are varied in their appeal 
  • Work with the CFA UK office to identify the right pricing structure in line with available budget 
  • Host your working group events to help ensure a great experience for attendees including assistance with networking 
  • Be instrumental in planning and executing the event   working closely with the staffed office to deliver a great member experience  
  • Identify and book spaces in suitable pubs with support from the staffed office 
  • Market the event to your own networks as well as enabling the staffed office to market the event to the wider membership 
  • Keep a record of event attendance and feed back to office.

What you will gain?

  • Build your profile within the CFA UK network of volunteers, the wider membership and the industry 
  • Develop leadership, communication and team work skills through our volunteer personal development training 
  • Recognition for your contribution in shaping and delivering services to the membership 
  • Opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded investment professionals 
  • Volunteering brings a “shared experience” amongst peers that has long lasting benefits for your career 
  • Learn more about what to expect from volunteering in our FAQs here. 

    Who are we looking for?

    • CFA UK members who love connecting people together in a social environment 
    • CFA UK members who enjoy planning and organising  
    • CFA UK members new to volunteering.

    How CFA UK will help:

    You will get plenty of support from the staffed office and their expertise on operations, event delivery and marketing so that you can focus on ideas and growing connections.  CFA UK will contract as necessary with agreed venues and suppliers etc. They will also do all marketing to the membership via the events listing and emails. 

    Compliance Notes: 

    • Group members should seek prior compliance clearance from their employers 
    • Members will participate in a personal capacity and not as representatives of their employer. 

    Volunteers Needed:

    1 (1 open slot)

    Experience Required:

    1 to 3 Years Industry Experience


    Nadilsa Tavares

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