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FinTech: Wealth, Insurance and Property working group

Signup Deadline: 20-09-2020
Starts: 25-09-2020
Ends: 27-09-2021


No of new member volunteers

4 including a lead


July 2020 - June 2021


40 hours

Reports to:

Content steering committee

The goal of this working group is to uncover to the membership the wide spectrum FinTech as applied to wealth (including roboadvisors), insurance and property, focusing on their cost effectiveness, extended reach and collaborative nature relating to wealth and investment transactions.

The group would be responsible for finding and curating content on this area, including identification of speakers to present on the evolution of the industry, on how these technologies integrate with us today and how they will in the future. 

The group should aim to deliver a programme across the 2020/21 membership year that engages with as much of CFA UK’s membership as possible.


The group is tasked with:

  • Identifying where CFA UK has gaps in content around the area of wealth tech including roboadvisors, use of AI, insurance and property.
  • Curating content for Discover that lines up with the competency framework with a focus on filling identified gaps
  • Creating or commissioning original content for Discover:
    • Ensuring content is in line with CFA UK’s quality standards
    • Contacting subject matter experts requesting original submissions
    • Interviewing subject matter experts over zoom to create video content
    • Identifying potential podcast guests
  • Proposing webinar topics and speakers around the evolution of this industry
  • Looking ahead to the relaunch of live events – CFA UK staffed office will provide guidance
  • Regular liaison with the Head of Professional Learning and Events Team to ensure the best content delivery
  • Collaborate with other volunteer groups, Data Science, Future of Money, Innovation and Tech – non financial and Innovative Technology SIG to ensure minimal overlap of content outputs
  • As a minimum, the group should deliver at least two pieces of content per quarter


Who are we looking for?

  • Volunteers who have demonstratable experience, knowledge and interest around the topic of Wealth Tech, Property, Insurance
  • Volunteers who would like to create and/or curate relevant content
  • Availability for minimum six meetings throughout the membership year plus conference calls and work to move ideas forward between meetings
  • Ability to work with a group to shape ideas.
  • Understanding of what would interest the membership


How CFA UK will help:

  • Attend your first meeting of the new membership year and deliver a short 30 minutes workshop to help you understand better how to achieve the deliverables you have been tasked with using all our communication channels to market your outputs including the member newsletter, social media and our website.
  • Providing zoom licences for online events (subject to coordination around dates)
  • Provide all logistics for any live events (venues etc.)
  • Providing technical expertise around creation of content including video editing and proof reading
  • Providing staff contacts to answer questions and offer guidance

What you will gain?

  • Build your profile within the CFA UK network of volunteers, the wider membership and the industry
  • Develop leadership, communication and team work skills through our volunteer personal development training
  • Recognition for your contribution in shaping and delivering services to the membership
  • Opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded investment professionals
  • Volunteering brings a “shared experience” amongst peers that has long lasting benefits for your career
  • Learn more about what to expect from volunteering in our FAQs here




Volunteers Needed:

4 (4 open slots)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience


Marissa Charles