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Volunteer Steering Committee member

Signup Deadline: 16-06-2021
Starts: 21-06-2021
Ends: 03-12-2022


Volunteer Steering Committee Member

No of new member volunteers



Min 18 months up to 2 Years


6 meetings/year; 40 hrs/year

Reports to:

Volunteer Steering Committee Chair


CFA UK benefits from the support of a volunteer community of 430 industry professionals and CFA UK members in all aspects of its work – advocacy, education and continuous learning.  The impact of our volunteer community is vitally important to the Society, our membership and the wider profession. 


The CFA UK Volunteer Steering Committee (VSC) has been tasked by the CFA UK Board to lead and govern volunteering within the Society so that volunteering effectively and efficiently serves the needs of individual members and the Society as a whole. 


The VSC wishes to recruit new members who will help make it more connected to the wider volunteer community, by playing an active, continuous role in reaching out to volunteers.


Purpose and Activities

As a Member your role would be to:

  • Oversee and continually review the impact and experience of volunteering at CFA UK
  • Make connections (in person and/or virtual) with the wider volunteer community to ensure the target Volunteer Experience is embedded across the whole volunteer community.
  • Network with the volunteer community and feedback volunteer experience directly to the VSC
  • Help to provide strategic leadership and direction to CFA UK’s volunteering objectives
  • Play an integral part in the development and analysis of the annual volunteer survey
  • Work with the Staffed Office and Volunteer Team to ensure effective and efficient delivery of an excellent Volunteer Experience.
  • Attend at least six Committee meetings in a year.


Who are we looking for?

  • Members with experience of volunteering at CFA UK or in other professional bodies
  • Members with an understanding of the importance of providing a good volunteer experience
  • Members with an interest in membership engagement through volunteering
  • Individuals who enjoy networking and would enjoy building relationships throughout the volunteer community
  • Individuals who enjoy thinking creatively to bring solutions


What will you gain from volunteering in this role?

  • Help make volunteering a better experience for everyone at CFA UK
  • Build your people skills by working with a diverse group outside your normal role
  • Increase your professional network and reputation through wider contacts
  • Gain experience of a strategic, governance perspective to work


Volunteers Needed:

2 (2 open slots)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience


Nikhila Deshmukh