Member Experience Steering Committee - Chair

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Signup Deadline: 16-06-2023
Starts: 30-06-2023
Ends: 30-06-2026


Member Experience Steering Committee - Chair

Number of new member volunteers 



2-3 years 


5 hours per month

Volunteer group reports to

CFA UK Board


CFA UK is seeking a committed and enthusiastic chair to lead the newly established Member Experience Steering Committee (MESC). 
The role
Your role as the chair of the MESC will involve ensuring that every member and volunteer has the opportunity to enjoy and derive value from their CFA UK experience. This includes identifying innovative opportunities to enhance the member and volunteer experience, assessing the member offer to ensure it best serves the majority of members, and helping members and volunteers connect with the wider membership. 
As chair of the committee, you will be closely and actively supported by a vice chair. The staffed office will support you in appointing your vice-chair through an open recruitment process. Once the vice-chair is in place, the staffed office will support you both in recruiting the rest of the committee members.
The person
As a natural communicator and facilitator with high EQ, you will lead with energy and creativity. You will foster collaboration and deal with issues with respect and sensitivity. If you are keen to form and lead a high-profile and high-achieving steering committee, then this could be the ideal volunteer role for you.
The mission of the MESC is to ensure that CFA UK delivers purposeful and supportive experiences that instil a sense of professional pride, purpose and belonging in our members and volunteers.
Member experience is the totality of experiences a member has with CFA UK, their perception of the society and how they feel about being a member. By focusing on driving member value, the committee will foster a culture of member centricity that delivers exceptional experiences, fosters loyalty, and drives growth. 
The scope of work for the MESC is in line with CFA UK’s ambition to create positive and vibrant member and volunteer experiences. The MESC may appoint and oversee working groups related to the successful delivery of those member and volunteer experiences, and work closely with the leaders of those groups to help them achieve agreed outcomes. The committee will support and guide the working groups through sharing best practice, problem solving and bringing the leaders together. 
Member Experience Steering Committee activities

The Member Experience Steering Committee will work closely with the staffed office and, in particular, be supported and advised by the expertise of the Customer Experience Marketing Manager, the Head of Communities and Engagement, and the Chief Operating Officer (the latter of whom will attend the committee as the staffed office representative). Together they will work to:

  • Ensure that every member and volunteer has the opportunity to enjoy and derive value from their CFA UK experience
  • Understand member and volunteer trends, needs and preferences, and address any pain points
  • Identify innovative opportunities to enhance the member and volunteer experience; collaborating with the staff team to prioritise agreed items for implementation within the agreed budget and resources
  • Help members connect within the wider membership community. Key activities include:
  • Respond to and implement top line strategy set by the Board 
  • Work with staffed office to agree the appropriate success measures for the different areas of the member and volunteer experience plans
  • Monitor and oversee effective delivery of the member and volunteer experience plans and review and approve any recommended adjustments
  • Regularly report back to the Board through the Board members allocated as liaisons 
  • Regularly communicate with key stakeholders, society committees and working group leads to ensure they have the right information and in turn are providing regular reports and feedback to the steering committee
  • Provide oversight of volunteer working groups that bring volunteers together into a community. Working groups will:
  • Engage with all volunteer groups including the board to open up lines of communication between volunteers and the broader membership
  • Annually review volunteer governance policy and structures to ensure adherence to best governance practice, making recommendations for change to the steering committee
  • Promote and host key events, volunteer-led events and socials, and collaborate with staff on volunteer newsletters.
Your role as chair 
  • Be an effective leader who inspires others and delegates with buy-in
  • Get to know your committee members so they feel heard and part of a member community themselves
  • Apply creative thinking alongside first class organisational skills to drive forwards implementation of the member and volunteer experience strategy
  • Support MESC working groups through dissemination of best practice, bringing leaders together to create a supportive and purposeful network
  • Facilitate meetings and conversation to achieve actions and decisions while making sure everyone is involved and addressing issues with sensitivity
  • Champion diversity, equity and inclusion in the steering committee and more widely across CFA UK’s volunteer and member communities
  • Work collegiately with the staffed office
  • Commit to attend monthly Committee meetings (usually virtual)
  • Ensure actions are moved forward between meetings.
Who is CFA UK looking for? 
  • You are enthusiastic about driving a fantastic customer experience for CFA UK members and candidates 
  • You are a great communicator, relationship builder and connector with a talent for breaking down siloes 
  • You have leadership and/or facilitation experience
  • You have volunteering or other relevant experience
  • You are organised, motivated and committed
  • You are able to commit the time to this pivotal volunteer role.
What will you get out of it? 
  • Contribute to a pivotal part of CFA UK’s strategy
  • Develop your leadership experience
  • Receive CFA UK volunteer leader training 
  • Regular interaction with CFA UK’s Board members
  • Build your profile with CFA UK’s network of volunteers, membership and the industry 
  • Access to exclusive volunteer personal development training  
  • Opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded, diversity focused investment professionals.

Learn more
  • Volunteering brings a “shared experience” amongst peers that has long lasting benefits for your career. Find out more about what to expect from  volunteering in our FAQs.

Compliance notes:

  • Group members should seek prior compliance clearance from their employers
  • Members will participate in a personal capacity and not as representatives of their employer.


Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

4 - 6 Years Industry Experience


Nadilsa Tavares

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