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  • 1.  Good news thread on Monday!

    Posted 18-09-2023 09:55

    Good news thread: 

    As the world is trying to transition from being "wasteful, idle, lopsided and dirty" (Lombard Odier's definition) to clean, inclusive, and circular, there seems to be a lot of "doom" in the air. We thought it is not fair. And we thought we'd create this thread on sharing "good" news and success stories in all fields of "ESG" and "Sustainability! Do share your good news or something "green and positive" that you observed or did ! 

     News 1: The A-LEAF project – one of the largest artificial photosynthesis research programmes funded by the European Commission – has achieved world-record efficiency in converting CO2 and H2O into sustainable fuels. Performed by an international team of researchers from institutions spanning France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland, the A-LEAF project was one of the biggest funded by the EU Commission, receiving €8m. 

    The aim of the endeavour was to pioneer a functioning artificial leaf that utilises sunlight to convert abundant Earth substances into sustainable fuels. The exceptional results signify a landmark step toward future affordable and sustainable energy. 

    Would you invest in this type of technology today? If not, what's stopping you? 


    News 2: Meet the company using discarded oyster shells to cut energy costs and keep France's buildings cool 

    Aya Pariy

  • 2.  RE: Good news thread on Monday!

    Posted 21-09-2023 10:55

    In terms of good news, I thought it was worth sharing some positive developments outside of the financial industry as well. 

    The independent, not-for-profit organisation Global Sustainability Benchmark in Sports (GSBS) ( is analysing and rating the sustainability performance of professional sports organisations. It is really encouraging to see the progress that many sports organisations are making in an environment that is not (yet) driven by regulation, but that has a huge impact on various stakeholders (athletes, local communities, sponsors, suppliers, etc.) and our whole society on a global scale. 

    The number of organisations reporting via the GSBS is increasing and includes famous organisations like Formula E, FC Barcelona or LaLiga. Encouraging transparency and disclosure as well as sharing best practices is key here, and I am looking forward to seeing leading practices and case studies this year. The results of the current reporting cycle and the 2023 GSBS Report will be published in October. 

    I want to highlight that this is a science-driven and data based approach to assessing sustainability in the sports industry, looking behind the marketing campaigns of these organisations. As is so often the case, the question is: Is communication underpinned by data?

    If anyone wants to learn more about this initiative or help support raising awareness, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

    Kerstin Hartmann
    Consultant Relations Director

  • 3.  RE: Good news thread on Monday!

    Posted 21-09-2023 10:59

    this is indeed a positive news, thank you for sharing Kerstin!

    I certainly want to support raising awareness, and also very keen to hear from other members on their experience or thoughts on this.

    Aya Pariy