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  • 1.  MEET YOUR CHAMPION: Katriona Baker!

    Posted 17-07-2023 10:09

    It is a great pleasure for me to introduce to you our community champion Katriona Baker!

    Katriona is a scientist with a background in industrial process sustainability, having worked across heavy industry and many other sectors.  "Heat transfer in industrial processes is achieved through the medium of water, because it is low cost, efficient and relatively available. In high income countries 60% of all fresh water is used in industry.  By understanding water and process chemistries, heat transfer can be maximised, energy use minimised, and use of precious resources reduced. As the climate warms, aquafers globally are dropping, and water impurities are increasing making it more expensive to treat before use." Katriona is passionate about the science that will get us to net zero and a more sustainable world.  Please ask her about the practicalities of achieving this.  Until recently she was the European industrial decarbonisation lead for Ecolab and is now a Sustainability and Environment Manager for GEO Chemicals in the Chemicals Industry.

    View Katriona's video here

    Aya Pariy