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Peatlands: Nature's natural carbon sink.

  • 1.  Peatlands: Nature's natural carbon sink.

    Posted 06-07-2023 13:44

    Hello everyone,

    Today I am sharing a few resources on investments in peatland in the UK and why there is an opportunity and why it is important. Investment in peatland is a key part of this funding gap, where the restoration of the peatland habitat in the UK (i.e. not including maintenance) is estimated to need £500 million over the next 10 years. The longer this investment is postponed, the greater the eventual cost of restoration will be. briefing note on Natural Capital Financing for Peatland, developed by Eftec, highlights the opportunities for financing peatland restoration and conservation, and to propose a framework for structuring such finance. CGI explains why they are investing in peatlands here

    Finally, I recently met an innovating company in the field of peatland data ClimaFi. 

    ClimaFi is developing a market for UK-derived carbon credits in response to growing demand for high integrity jurisdictional credits in the $2 billion a year Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM).The company is also creating a new standard for measuring the success of peatland restoration in the UK and globally.The new standard, the Peatland Protocol, will offer a comprehensive digital measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) system, designed to show whether and to what degree, different types of restoration techniques have succeeded in accurately measuring C02 reduction

    Do any of the members have any experience or work done in this space? What are your thoughts?

    Aya Pariy