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    Posted 02-11-2023 10:43
    Edited by Anastasia Kuznetsova 02-11-2023 11:03

    Dear Community Champions,

    @Francesca Wheble, @Aya Pariy and I are currently working on the organization of a series of events devoted to the SFDR PAIs. During each event (with a length of one hour), we aim to discuss one or two PAIs from the mandatory list of PAIs. 

    The goal of these events is to explain how to compute each of the SFDR PAIs. In particular, we would like to cover:

    a) what inputs are needed to compute a specific PAI;

    b) how to define those inputs (e.g. what are water emissions in simple words? How to measure them? How to explain to investee companies what to measure, how often and etc);

    c) what could be potential data sources besides direct engagement with investee companies or data vendors?

    d) what are bad and good examples of PAI levels; or what are the best practices among investee companies for the collection of data needed to compute specific PAI.

    The above points are approximate topics that we would like speakers to cover.

    The event is expected to be in person at the end of January (2024) in the CFA UK office. We are planning to get a small audience of 15 people (mainly people who work with SFDR directly, prepare SFDR disclosures and engage with investee companies so the audience is expected to be knowledgeable about SFDR).

    For the first event, we are searching for someone with expertise in human rights, UN Global Compact principles and OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises to be able to speak about two social PAIs (10 and 11). But we are also fine to start with some other PAIs (e.g. water emissions, hazardous waste) provided that we have speakers.

    We would like to kindly ask all of our community champions for help with speakers search. If you or someone in your network have strong expertise in some (or all) of the PAIs, please get in touch with @Aya Pariy, @Francesca Wheble or @Anastasia Kuznetsova directly. We would appreciate your suggestions regarding potential speakers. 

    Kind regards,
    Anastasia Kuznetsova
    Associate Business Analyst