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Ambassadors are CFA UK representatives within a particular firm, and act as a "go to" person for any one within the firm who has questions about CFA UK.  Their role in-firm is to build a network of colleagues of both  CFA UK members and non members interested in knowing more about CFA UK activities.

Ambassadors also support CFA UK to connect with senior leaders and HR/L&D teams within their firms to ensure that CFA UK can keep open conversations about education of investment professionals and the changes in the sector at all levels.

Ambassadors are a conduit directly to us with your feedback on what you want as a member or any concerns you may have.

Click the buttons below to see all our Ambassadors.  If there is one in your firm, connect with them, and grow your professional network internally. As a CFA UK member, you can contact Ambassadors to learn more about their firms.

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We currently have Ambassadors in the following firms:
ASI, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, EY,  Invesco, Janus Henderson, JP Morgan Private Bank, M&G Prudential, Mercer Private Markets, Moody's, Nomura, Santander, State Street, Walter Scott & Partners

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