Effective communication within a Team - Virtual Training

When:  May 8, 2024 from 18:00 to 20:00 (BST)
Associated with  The Volunteer Community

It’s really important to us that we support your professional development by volunteering for CFA UK, so we try to create benefits that work for you. We are delighted to be partnering with MSB Executive to deliver this training course. 

Effective Communication within a Team 

Just as great leaders master the art of communication, effective communication within a team is equally important for success. This hands-on workshop gives you a framework to analyse the different communication styles across your team and ensure everyone's voice is heard. We will work on practical tools and techniques to elevate your team's collaboration and motivation.
This workshops will allow you to:
• Use a simple behavioural model to identify work style preferences, understand how team members are likely to interact with others, and gain insight into their work habits.
• Learn strategies to enhance collaboration within your team, fostering a culture of shared ideas and collective success.
• Discover techniques to inspire and motivate your team, ensuring everyone is aligned and driven towards common goals.
This workshop will set you and your team up to communicate effectively, collaborate more seamlessly and achieve excellent results together.
For some of the training topics pre-work is advised to get the most out of the training on the day. We will email a week ahead should this apply to your selected course.

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Tilly Baker