Volunteer Story - Jacopo Gadani, CFA


Jacopo Gadani, CFA
Associate Banker - Sustainable Resource Investments, EBRD

Volunteer Group: Mentoring working group
This group is responsible for delivering the CFA UK Mentoring Programme, which has brought more than 140 CFA UK members together to learn from each other.

What specific knowledge and skills from your day job did you bring to support the Mentoring Working Group?
The mentoring programme is built around a series of deadlines and actions, delegated across the volunteers in the group. My day job as a Banker at EBRD requires me to internally agree procedures and methodologies across several team members in order to move forward proactively and efficiently. This skill along with well-honed organisation and time management were brought to life as a volunteer in this group.

What have you learnt from your volunteer peers?
As we are a quite diverse group, I have learned different ways and thinking on how to approach daily tasks and manage time and work commitments. It is always useful to share alternative perspectives in how to approach business and personal interactions. I have learned and benefited a lot from the other members.

How is the Mentoring working group helping CFA UK members?
I have seen the huge potential that can be brought from this Mentoring Programme. Interacting and connecting people in the right way helps to grow and progress CFA UK activities to a more proactive and useful hub for all its members and external stakeholders as well.