Volunteer Story - Claudia Gollmeier, CFA


Claudia Gollmeier, CFA
Managing Director (Singapore), Senior Investment Officer, Colchester Global Investors


Volunteer Group: ESG Panel
This group has developed CFA UK’s Certificate in ESG Investing. The first qualification of its kind in the UK has now been rolled out to nine European CFA Societies and has had more than 350 graduates.

What have you learnt from your volunteer peers?
It has been such a pleasure to work with a highly committed knowledgeable professional volunteer group, ranging from portfolio managers from different asset classes and ESG analysts to academics. Our discussions are very thought provoking and I have learnt from other areas within the finance industry, how they think about ESG and how they apply it.

How has your work as a volunteer made a difference? 

At this stage, I have seen more awareness of the ESG qualification. Hopefully this will increase going forward as the word spreads of about the Certificate in ESG Investing.