Volunteer Story - David Pfeiffer


David Pfeiffer, CFA
General Manager, Banco Finantia


Volunteer Group: CFA UK Mentoring Programme 2020 - Mentor
The Mentoring Programme 2020 saw 85 pairs of mentors and mentees matched during lockdown and continue to thrive and support each other for 6 months.

Why did you choose to step forward as a mentor in 2020?
I was at a stage in my career where I had some perspective that might have come in handy when I was younger, and I was happy to share it.

What have you learned from being a mentor?
The questions of my mentees were very good and caused me to think in more depth about my own experiences and what I would recommend.  Much of my reflection was on the various career stages and how each has different challenges and opportunities.

How did you help your mentee in their career?
They would have to answer that.  I tried to address a few issues that were specific to the individual, and these included tactics to increase visibility inside the firm (more broadly rather than in their direct line), or externally.  I felt that they would benefit from more potential flexibility in their career options.  They had already done a very good and focused job on their internal corporate career path, but were at a stage where this might be seen as limiting their options. I also tried to provide a forum where they could safely talk about any concerns they had, and if I had advice that might be useful, I gave it.  But the larger benefit for them was probably having a structured conversation with someone they did not meet outside of this setting and in which they could articulate for themselves their issues.

What would you say to encourage others to step forward as a mentor?
I found that I was clearer about my own narrative at the end, and I met some genuinely interesting people in the process, whom I hope to have helped.

Do you want to provide a safe space for a Mentee to share their worries?