Volunteer Story - Racha Sibai


Racha Sibai, CFA


Volunteer Group: Performance & Risk Analysis Special interest Group & Research Analysis Special Interest Group Leadership Team
CFA UK Special Interest Group leadership teams are responsible for growing and engaging networks of individuals interested in particular niche topics.

What have you gained from being part of running two SIG networks?
I learned that there isn’t just just one way to achieve a goal, and that I need to be flexible to welcome moving priorities and changing responsibilities whereas also working for the common value of the SIGs overall and the power of collaborating with other SIGs. What I liked, is that each volunteer is responsible for a part and our load is always fairly distributed, so our constant communication is important. Luckily, I had no overlap in the events from both SIGs.

What value do you believe Networks like SIGS bring to the membership?
I think these are invaluable compliments to our CFA UK membership. I feel there is an added element of networking and knowledge sharing with guest speakers across the members, as well as creating a safe space to brainstorm and discuss topics that aren’t necessarily mainstream or sometimes more technical. I have to add that I feel SIGs played a critical role in keeping the community connected during lockdown and our events created an alternative way of connecting and networking.

What have you learnt from you volunteer peers?
I feel very humbled by everyone’s commitment to their volunteer roles along their jobs, to deliver top quality events and content at a high level of professionalism. I also learned about new approaches and thinking processes on doing things, as we may come from different backgrounds and work cultures. Everybody was willing to share and contribute.