Volunteer Story - Aneka Beneby


Aneka Beneby, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Director, Julius Baer


Volunteer Group: Black Professionals working group and Network
The group set about to bring a voice to black professionals in the industry and now supports and engages a network of black professionals and their allies.

Why was starting a network for Black investment professionals and their allies important?
The killing of George Floyd in the United States and the global health pandemic left many Black people including myself, feeling traumatised and isolated. Also, I have heard my colleagues lament that after many years, Black people remain underrepresented in the investment industry. Therefore, I was incredibly proud to see the Black investment professionals network established by CFA UK. The network provides a safe space for Black investment professionals and their allies to share their lived professional experiences and to learn from each other. It empowers Black professionals with resources, such as a network and support, to be able to make a tangible difference in tackling underrepresentation.

How do you think your work as volunteer has made a difference?
Our group powerfully demonstrates positive examples of investment professionals for ethnic minorities wanting to enter the investment industry. Additionally, we have been able to combine our various networks and collaborate with other organisations to provide mentorship, advice and knowledge that young people need to succeed in the investment industry.

What have you learnt from your volunteer peers?
I have learnt from my peers that our passion to drive positive and enduring change in our industry is infectious. The work that we are doing together is courageous and meaningful. I am grateful to have met such supportive, creative and talented peers in my volunteer journey with CFA UK.