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Article: Are we moving towards B Corp model?

  • 1.  Article: Are we moving towards B Corp model?

    Posted 22 days ago
    Edited by Aya Pariy 22 days ago

    Good morning community.

    Sharing and Article with you: Are the wheels moving in the right direction? And are they moving towards B Corp model?

    Community members will remember our online meetup back in September where we heard from Vishal Hindocha, Global Sustainability Director from MFS Asset Management. Vishal's presentation was called "ESG is dead. Long-live ESG" where Vishal said that the term "ESG" has begun to outlive its useful purpose and that we are moving towards a "Stakeholder era" with the more holistic outcome approach.

    I remembered that when I found this interesting article in "Sustainable Views" that considers B Corp Model as a possible future for us.  

    In its recent report, "A New World Disorder – Navigating the polycrisis", Ipsos says: "We are seeing a movement away from shareholder value at all costs to a more holistic understanding of the human and environmental impacts of capitalism." 

    This article states that many businesses are turning to the B Corp model. B Corp certified businesses, or B Corps, are businesses driven by a purpose beyond profit. They are legally bound to consider the impact of their decisions on all stakeholders, not just shareholders, and must be transparent about their actions. 

    Do we have members from such companies or members working with B Corp companies? What are your experiences and what do you think about this. Is that the better future?

    Aya Pariy