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PRI launches Spring, a stewardship initiative for nature

  • 1.  PRI launches Spring, a stewardship initiative for nature

    Posted 23 days ago
    Edited by Confidence Mafoti 23 days ago

    Yesterday, PRI launched Spring, a PRI stewardship initiative for nature, supported by over 200 investors with a combined AUM of USD15 trillion. 

    The initiative's main focus is on geographies that are key to minimising the systemic risk of nature loss, with Brazil on top of list, as well as main players that source forest risk commodities from these countries. 

    The initiative commences with 66 of the 200 investors actively engaging with 40 companies that have been identified as having influence in these systemically significant countries, to use their influence to help achieve the global nature protection targets by 2030.

    The engagement aims to help companies improve nature impacts and risks in their business operations and risk controls, their supply chain management as well as political engagement.  

    Companies to be engaged include L'Oreal S.A., Toyota, Bayer and Brasil Foods SA.

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    Confidence Mafoti
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