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Report: Realising climate finance opportunities

  • 1.  Report: Realising climate finance opportunities

    Posted 16-11-2023 09:54
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    Good morning community!

    Don't forget to share your questions on this platform. If you have a challenge or an issue that you are dealing with in your day to day job, post it here and let community help.

    This morning I wanted to share with you the report on how financial institutions realise ther climate opportunities.

    Oliver Whyman together with IACPM conducted interviews with 25 leading financial institutions to assess how they are progressing on capitalizing the low carbon economy transition. Financial institutions acted on their climate strategies through 4 key areas:

    • Products and services
    • Deal-level capabilities
    • Risk measuring and portfolio steering
    • Organisational enablers

    Banks and financial institutions who helped with the report included: JPMorgan, ADB, BBVA, EIB, Goldman Sachs, Natwest, Munich Re, Macquarie, PGGM, Lloyd Banking Group, Standard Chartered and many others. You can download the report in our library.

    What is your organisation's climate journey spectrum?

    Aya Pariy