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Welcome to the home of CFA UK Special Interest Groups.

Joining one of CFA UK's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are a great way to meet peers in your sector and get even more from your CFA UK membership.  Each SIG is operated by a leadership team of CFA UK volunteers, who are working or interested in the topic area.

You'll have the opportunity to attend events aimed at specific areas of investment, contribute to information sharing between members, and participate in networking opportunities with a community of like-minded professionals.

There are 11 great SIGs for you to join from Manager Research to Energy Finance.

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    RE: Community Events

    Hi everyone, don't forget about community monthly online networking tomorrow, at 1 pm UK time. You can register for this event here (it's free). Thank you and hope to see you there. ------------------------------ Aya Pariy --------------- ...

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    RE: Good news thread

    Good news thread: Do share your good news or something that you observed or did that you think is worth recognising and celebrating ! Today I have found not one, but two great news for us to enjoy! 1: EU ...

  • ESG Jokes from ChatGPT to brighten up your Friday! Why did the sustainable investment analyst break up with their partner? Because they realized their relationship wasn't ESG compliant – there was too much carbon dating! Perhaps ...

  • Good point! Personally, I feel like this is the missing piece of this regulation. Article 8 would include almost every kind of business model as long as it is managed in a sustainable way. Article 9 can be interpreted to only include what is already ...

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  • wow, we have 190 responses to our Biodiversity survey! Definitely need our community members to join! Here's the link. Please spend 10 minutes, leave us your views and we will enter your name for a lotter with the prize of 20 gbp Amazon voucher! ...